Virtual Facilitation (Facilitator)

Learning the skills to facilitate online meetings and workshops is an essential part of maintaining a culture of learning in a hybrid work environment. However, if you’re a novice to facilitating in a virtual environment, it can be intimidating and overwhelming to consider starting.

Virtual Facilitation (Facilitator)

In remote sessions, it’s essential for the facilitator to create an atmosphere of connection and interact with participants in the same way as they would in a room together. It is important to utilize various tools, alter your voice for the space of your choice and be aware of how people can speak differently on the internet.

A good virtual facilitator won’t hesitate to solicit feedback or make suggestions. They’re also observant and interested in improving their skills and methods.

They are a great icebreaker and can gauge the energy of a session in the first few seconds to determine if it needs a boost or a flash.

The best virtual facilitators don’t hesitate to solicit feedback and suggest modifications if they feel that the group isn’t engaged or are drifting off subject. They also excel in creating a positive atmosphere to encourage conversation and enable everyone to connect with one and each other.

They’re virtual moderators that keep students on track and guide them. They’re not afraid of tackling tech issues and find solutions when they arise during the course.

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