How to Take Board Meeting Minutes

Board meeting minutes are an official record of the decisions, issues and discussions that occurred during a board of directors’ meeting. They ensure that everyone is aware of what transpired, who spoke and how the vote was taken. They are also used as legal documentation to be used for future documentation.

It’s not a requirement however having an official on the board who is dedicated to the task can make it easier to record and publish minutes. They can focus on listening to the discussion and record the most important points without interrupting. Additionally, having a specific note-taker for each meeting can allow for a more consistent, structured approach to the process. Audio recordings can be used to help resolve discrepancies in minutes and what happened during the meeting.

The first step in the meeting minutes-taking process is confirming that the board has a quorum of members present at the meeting. Checking the attendance list against the board membership records will determine who was present. If a quorum is not achieved, the chair may move to adjourn the meeting or postpone topics for later consideration.

Anything that was discussed during the meeting should be mentioned in the minutes of the meeting, but it is not necessary to provide a full description. It is recommended to save all meeting materials in a secure board portal using solutions like Boardable. This way, presentations and other materials can be easily accessed whenever needed. This is especially useful for new board members and those who have missed the meeting.

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